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Deutsche Interessengemeinschaft Schwimm- und Geländefahrzeuge

What is the DISG e.V.?

The DISG e.V. was founded in 1973 as a registered club. The club has around 200 members from all over Europe.

The members of the DISG e.V. are collecting, preserving and restoring German historic military vehicles from WW2. The members own around 600 historic German military vehicles.

Most of the vehicles are the well-known VOLKSWAGEN type 82 (Kuebelwagen) and type 166 (Schwimmwagen), the heavy sidecar combinations BMW R 75 and ZUENDAPP KS 750 and the small halftrack tractor NSU Kettenkrad HK 101. There are also some light, medium and heavy Einheits-PKW (standard cars), OPEL Blitz 1,5 t and 3 t trucks and some more rare historic German MVs.

The club organizes and supports several events every year. These events are very small and familiar, compared with events like Beltring (UK). The pictures shown on this page are taken on such DISG events. During most of these events, the vehicles were driven off-road and the amphibous ones afloat.

The members of the DISG refuse to wear uniforms or other costumes and don't play any wargames (Reenactment).

Our mission is the preservation of these fascinating vehicles, joining friends and the real use of the vehicles off-road and in the water.

This is our mission since 1973!

For more details of the DISG e.V. please contact:

Thomas Schmittkamp

Poststr. 23a

D-42897 Remscheid




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